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Forensic Treatment Planning
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Retainers are required to be paid at the beginning of any forensic services.  The initial retainer can range between $ 1500 and $ 3000 depending of the nature and complexity of the evaluation or consultation.  Expert testimony is a minimum of $ 1200, with each hour beyond the first four billed at $ 200 per hour.

  • ​Hourly Services = $200 (into 15 min increments)

    • Includes evaluation, testing, report writing, 1pg professional letters, 

    • phone or email correspondence, consults, professional meetings, 

    • records review, forensic preparation, and testimony

  • Forensic Counseling = $125 an hr (not covered by insurance)

  • Professional Correspondence = $50 per 15 min increments

  • Records = $125 + $.50 per page

  • Professional Letters = $100 

  • Affidavit Fee for Patient Records = $15

What is Forensic Mental Health Services ?

Prevail Forensic Mental Health Consulting, P.C.  

Mental health professionals can be the voice of mentally ill juvenile or adult clients who find themselves in trouble with the law. Forensic mental health services usually means assisting individual who may suffer from a mental illness with evaluation and counseling prior to court or at the order of the court.

Consult from a mental health professional in legal matters can help the defense or prosecution.

Assistance may pertain to court ordered evaluation, psychological testing, counseling, mitigating sentence, treatment planning, or developing structured plan to successfully complete probation.

Court approved substance abuse counseling and anger management sessions are available.

Insurance does not pay for forensic services.

Prevail Counseling & Forensic Mental Health Consulting, P.C.

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