Cash Prices

***are subject to change***

Counseling Services for Fully Licensed Providers

All appointments are for In-Office or Telehealth...

  • First Appointment/Clinical Evaluation/Counseling Intake = $200
  • Consults = $200
  • 53 minutes Individual Counseling by fully licensed LPC or LMFT = $125   

                                                             or by fully licensed psychologist = $185 

  • 38 minutes Individual Counseling by fully licensed LPC or LMFT = $100   

                                                             or by fully licensed psychologist = $150

  • 16 minutes Individual Counseling (by fully licensed therapist) = $85     

                                                             or by licensed psychologist = $125

  • 60 minute Crisis Session + extended time by fully licensed LPC or LMFT = $150 + $85 each 30 minutes after that                                                                     or by licensed psychologist = $200 + $100 each 30 minutes after that
  • 26 to 53 minutes Family/Couples Counseling with client present by fully licensed LPC or LMFT = $150   

                                                             or by licensed psychologist = $200

  • 26 to 53 minutes of Group Counseling/Education = $35
  • Additional Administrative Fee for M-Thur. 4:30 pm or later appointments = $15 per hour
  • Additional Administrative fee for Fri, Sat, Sun, or Holiday appointments = $30 per hour
  • Medical Records = $30
  • Additional Special Report Writing or Professional Letters = $125 each
  • Form Fill Out = $30 each (excludes any form that must be signed by a physician.  Ex: FMLA or Disability)

Counseling Services for Licensed Associate Providers

All appointments are for In-Office or Telehealth...

First Appointment (by Licensed Associate Providers) = $125
Individual Counseling (by licensed associate therapist) = $85
Family Counseling with or without client (by licensed associate therapist) = $85
Group Psychoeducation (by a mental health tech) = $25
30 minutes Crisis Session + extended time over 60 minutes (by licensed associate therapist) = $125 for first hour + $50 each 30 minutes after that

Psychological Testing / Assessment

Psychological Testing = $350 to $1500

Wellness and Genetic Testing

First Wellness and Genetic Evaluation = $200

Health and Wellness Coaching = $150

Genetic Testing with 23 & Me Health and Ancestry Kit = $200

Forensic Services

Forensic Services preformed by Stephanie Kosut, LPC-S, CFMHE requires a $5000 retainer and $250 an hour thereafter.

Serving The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Montgomery, Magnolia, Tomball, Cleveland, Huntsville, Humble, Kingwood, and Greater Houston, Texas 

PRIMARY OFFICE: 620 Longmire Rd, Conroe, TX 77304

Zip Codes: 77320, 77340, 77831, 77873, 77830, 77358, 77331, 77378, 77328, 77303, 77318, 77356, 77868, 77363, 77304, 77301, 77316, 77354, 77375, 77379, 77373, 77302, 77382, 77381, 77380, 77389

Prevail Counseling, P.C. is the only company under Prevail Behavioral Health & Wellness Center that is credentialed with some insurance companies and Medicaids.

  • Our office requires a credit card with electronic signature authorization be stored before scheduling your first appointment.  Your credit card authorization will be captured from our Intake Form that must be completely filed out before scheduling your first appointment.  If you do not want to store a credit card on file, our office requires a retainer for counseling services of $500.
  • Insurance covers in-office and telehealth counseling.
  • It is the client's responsibility to know your mental health / behavioral health insurance benefits.  Our front office, as a courtesy to the client, will verify your insurance, usually 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.  If there is an issue with your insurance, the client can pay our cash rate until the insurance gets sorted out or if we have to cancel the appointment, $85 will be charged to the stored credit card on file.
  • Insurance companies for regular out-patient treatment consider no more than one session a week and no more than one service a day customary.  If a crisis arises, then we can justify more than one session a week until stable.
  • Copays and Co-Insurances are due before services are rendered.
  • Some insurances have a per year limit on services.
  • Any service provided and not paid by insurance is patient responsibility and will be charged to the stored credit card on file.

A list of Prevail Counseling's insurances we are In-Network with... 
  • However, not all providers are In-Network with all the plans listed below. 
  • Our front office and intake specialists work hard for you to make sure we pair you with the right counselor who would be...
    1. In-Network with your insurance.
    2. A good fit for your specific need.
    3. AND has scheduling openings for you to be consistent with your treatment. 
  • Our front office is also excellent at helping brainstorm payment options, scheduling options, or referrals if the 3 factors above did not work out.   

Cigna / Evernorth
United Healthcare
Memorial Hermann Health Plan
Carelon / Beacon Health Options / Value Options
Community Health Choice
Chips / Star / Star PlusMeritain Health
Traditional Medicaid
Texas Children's Medicaid
Superior Health Plan 
and other Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)