Prevail Assessment & Wellness, P.C., is NOT in-network with insurances but we offer attainable pricing for psychometric testing.  We evaluate and test in phases to reduce the cost.  Testing helps us determine an official mental health or academic diagnosis or not.  We do not diagnosis just by our "clinical judgement" alone.  Testing improves validity of diagnosis by joining clinical judgement WITH standardized testing measurements.  Testing helps improve treatment planning for your counselor, Primary Care Physician, Psychiatrist, work, school, or university. 

We use what is considered to be the "golden star" best practice clinical standardized psychometric measurements . We will see you or your child for the first appointment and decided on what testing is needed and we test for only what is needed.  Each testing case is individualized.  From person to person, testing could include different tests and could be different prices depending on what the need is.  

Testing in Phases

The first phase is the evaluation or interview.  We will discuss what testing or rating scales are used first.  Phase two is the actually "first brush" of testing which help determine if additional testing is needed or if there was enough information collected to determine a diagnosis.  The second phase is the follow up of the first tests or rating scales.  We will score the tests, review results, and decide where to go from there.  It is possible that testing could stop after the third phase, it just depends on the case and the diagnosis we are trying to rule out.  If additional testing is needed, this is the third phase and testing could take 2 to 6 hours depending on what tests are decided on.  This will need to be scheduled at a time that fits our schedule.  The fourth and final phase will be reviewing all test results and finalizing diagnosis and recommendations.

Does Insurance Cover Testing

Prevail Assessment & Wellness, P.C. is NOT credentialed with insurance companies. 

Therefore, we will not bill insurance for tests administered.  Insurance could be used for the initial intake and follow up appointments for treatment.  We do offer reduced pricing for testing and payment options for testing. 

Pros to Private Testing vs Testing by the School

Pros:  Testing is PRIVATE and doesn’t automatically become part of your child’s school record. You don’t even have to tell the school. You don’t need the school to agree to testing. You also don’t need to share the results. 

Pros: You can have a private evaluation done at any time. The school doesn’t have to agree that it’s necessary.

​​Pros: You choose the evaluator.  The evaluator isn’t with the school, so can be impartial. Recommendations can be made without any school concerns.​

​Pros: Testing can be focused only on the area of concern. This can make the process go faster.

​Pros: Your child will get undivided attention in a setting that is private and confidential.

Clinical Syndromes we can test for...

ADHDIntellectual Disabilities
Learning Disorder or DyslexiaProcessing Speed issues
Memory IssuesCommunication Disorders
Executive FunctioningAutism Spectrum
DepressionODD / Conduct Disorder
Bipolar DisorderPTSD
Personality Disordersand more...

Examples of Pricing

In general testing could start out as reasonable as $350 and could become as expensive as $1500.  This depends on the depth of issues assessing.

Due to testing in phases, you do not have to pay for testing all at one time.  We can slightly space out the appointments to allow for ease of payment.

The following prices are examples and should be considered "in most cases" and not an exact quote.  An exact quote for testing will be provided at each phase of testing.  



  • 3 to 5 yo Comprehensive Child Clinical Syndromes/ADHD testing $350
  • 6 to 8 yo Comprehensive Child Clinical Syndromes/ADHD testing $350
  • 9 to 12 yo Comprehensive Pre-Adolescent Clinical Syndrome/ADHD and Personality Features testing  $350
  • 13 to 17 yo Comprehensive Adolescent Clinical Syndrome/ADHD and Personality Features testing  $350
  • 18+ Comprehensive Adult Clinical Syndromes/ADHD or Personality Disorder $350
  • ADD ON TESTING to screen for Autism Spectrum $150
  • ADD ON TESTING for Intellectual Functioning, Learning Disability, and Dyslexia/Dysgraphia testing $800 + one of the above comprehensive clinical syndrome testing
  • ADDITIONAL RATING SCALES outside of the standard parent and teacher forms are $40 a piece.  
  • Extensive Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum, Processing Speed, Executive Functioning, Communication Disorders testing,

          Memory, or Comprehension testing $800 to $1500  +  one of the above comprehensive clinical syndrome testing

By testing in phases, we eliminate wasted time on unnecessary tests saving you money.  Most testing can stop at the $350 range but if there are complex issues, testing could go up from there but only once we consult with you and help you explore the best options for testing.

Follow up appointments are separate from testing fee and can be covered by insurance.

What's Included

A formal report will be written indicating presence or absence of a psychological disorder.  Recommendations for therapy, school/college accommodations, or medications could be made. This report could be sent to the school/college or physician with permission to aid in treatment.  If additional records need to be released after the first batch of reports releases, an additional fee will be charged.