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Prevail Assessment & Wellness, P.C., is NOT in-network with insurances but we offer attainable pricing for psychometric testing.  We evaluate and test in phases to reduce the cost.  Testing helps us determine an official mental health or academic diagnosis or not.  We do not diagnosis just by our "clinical judgement" alone.  Testing improves validity of diagnosis by joining clinical judgement WITH standardized testing measurements.  Testing helps improve treatment planning for your counselor, Primary Care Physician, Psychiatrist, work, school, or university.  We provide a formal report which can be used to help in medication management, school 504 accommodations, college accommodations, and work accommodations.  It can also be given to your counselor to help improve the treatment plan of your counseling. 

About Prevail Assessment

Meet our Evaluators

"Evaluation and testing is like a game of chess; it takes professional strategy.  With standardized psychometric test, we can help discover the true underlining issues and tailor treatment." 

Stephanie Kosut Gregory, MA, LPC-S, CFMHE

President and ​Clinical Director  -  Screening for 3 to 5 years and Testing for 6 to 99

Stephanie has been formally trained by six psychology, assessment, and counseling focused years of college and graduate studies.  She obtained her master's degree from Sam Houston State University with honors in Counseling.  She has over eighteen years worth of experience preforming formal evaluation, psychological/psychometric testing, diagnosing, psychopharmacology, forensic evaluations and testifying, and behavioral health genetic testing for supplementation.  She has a passion for educating and supervising new mental health professionals as a licensed supervisor for LPC-Associates with a "real world / hands on" approach.  

She has also been certified by the National Board of Forensic Evaluators as a Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator and is experienced as an Expert Witness.

Dr. James Kuciemba, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Dedicated to helping others, Dr. Kuciemba's provides psychological evaluation and assessment for formal diagnosis to children, adolescents, and adults to improve treatment planning in therapy, help physicians with medication management, or help with school, college, or work accommodations. 

Dr. Kuciemba was focused on the mental health field from the beginning of his formal education.  Starting with his Bachelor's degree from Texas State University, Cum Laude, majoring in Psychology.  Then his Master's degree from Marywood University, majoring in Psychology, Clinical Services.  Finally with his Doctorate degree from Texas Women's University, majoring in Counseling Psychology.  He has over 10 years experience working in a wide range of settings, including community mental health, hospitals, substance use treatment programs, university counseling centers, and private practice.